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Wigs for chemotherapy and alopecia hair loss

Since 1984 Brian Joseph's™ has been providing support for cancer patients by providing chemotherapy wigs, breast prostheses, and a wide variety of other products and services specifically designed to soothe the mind, body, and spirit to persevere through the challenging period of cancer therapy.



About Brian Joseph's™

We listen, we discuss, we design. We love what we do!


Paper: The Kansas City Star<br/
Date: December 2, 1996
Section: FYI Page: E1
Copyright 1996, The Kansas City Star Co.
Message: Losing hair, gaining a friend Cancer patients find confidence in local wig creator Patty Turkal

Article about Patty Turkal, by Karen Uhlenhuth

Losing hair, gaining a friend

All too often, the sequence of events goes like this: the diagnosis, the surgery, the chemotherapy, the Zsa Zsa Gabor wig. Patty Turkal knows just how bad a bad wig can be - especially for someone trying to come back from cancer. In her little Overland Park shop, discreetly named Brian Joseph's (after her grandson) and discreetly located in a single-story commercial building on a quiet side street, Turkal helps cancer patients keep their dignity, their looks and their hope after they've lost their hair.

She sells a line of wigs - medical hair prostheses, she calls them - that she developed specifically for bald people. Their linings don't scratch. They fit more securely than many, thanks to several strategically-placed adhesive patches. And they don't make the wearers look anything like Zsa Zsa - unless they want to, that is.

Also for sale are breast prostheses, eyelashes and a shampoo created specially for bald cancer patients by Turkal and a chemist who was afflicted with brain cancer.

Every bit as important as what she sells, however, is what Turkal has to say to her clients, many of whom are still reeling from the bad news delivered perhaps just days before their first meeting with her.

"When you're there saying, 'I'm going to get well,' she's there saying, 'Of course you are,' '' said Jane Mobley, a businesswoman from Fairway who was diagnosed and treated last spring for ovarian cancer.

Turkal knows. A decade after she had perfected her chemotherapy wig, she had need of it herself.

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Why Brian Joseph's™?

We listen, we discuss, we create for you.
Because hair loss comes in all packages. Not just chemotherapy hair loss, but there are 100 different auto-immune disorders that cause hair loss. You can have hair loss from medication you take, age, hormonal, accidents, stress etc. You need to go to someone who listens to you to be able to come up with the best solutions for your hair loss.

We discuss and allow communication between you and me to far exceed the technical work that is required to satisfy your wants and needs. Our goal is to take the consultation to a conversation which creates a relationship of confidence and trust.

Then from conversation we will then provide or create a product for you that will be exactly what you want. We will train you to maintain your new hair and have fun with it. Wear up, wear down, wash it, curl it, do everything to make it feel like you. You got to believe you're worth it.
We care about our clients
Patty has been there and lived it. She understands. "Some people have gone out there and cried all afternoon, and Patty dealt with that in a comforting and uplifting way. She's seen it all, and she meets you where you're coming from. '' Boxx recalls an appointment with Turkal shortly after one of her chemotherapy treatments. *(excerpt from above article.)
We learn and use the latest technologies
We have the best human hair for each price range. Latest technologies in synthetic, synthetic/human hair blends and we are an exclusive dealer of Private Issue Cyberhair wig including the only swim wig made for chlorine and salt water pools.

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